ICOs Raise Over $1.5 Billion in June


A lot of people think that cryptocurrencies are almost a bursting bubble. However, the numbers are proving the opposite. All the newest ICOs held during June, gathered more than 1.5 billion dollars around the world. Despite this amount is a bit lower than in the previous month, it still proves that many so-called financial experts predicted the soon death of Bitcoin and alternative currencies, were wrong. We can be absolutely sure that cryptocurrencies will not die in the nearest years. According to the newest data from ICObazaar tracking all the ICO events, in June there were 81 new projects. As a result, this month was the fourth in fundraising since the craze began.

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HybridBlock — the most successful ICO in June

The most successful ICO in June was HybridBlock. It gathered more than 47 million dollars. It is oriented towards the investors who are just the beginners in cryptocurrency world. This cryptocurrency trade system is based on Ethereum blockchain. A lot of its users invest into HybridTokens which is going to become an integral element of the whole HybridNetwork. The HybridTokens buyers will get the discounted tariffs and exclusive access to all new services. Additionally, they will be able to trade the HybridBlock via the dedicated TradeBase or HybridExchange.

From a basic level, the HybridCentral platform will also help those are willing to learn more about cryptocurrency. They use the gamified educational system to enhance investors’ blockchain skills and knowledge.


FANTOM: the first DAG-based smart contract platform in the world

The second most successful ICO in June was Fantom. In the case you are planning to invest into this ICO, you should know that this blockchain company from South Korea wants to provide instant transaction confirmation and transaction fees that will cost only one cent.

Fantom proudly states that they are the first Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) based smart contract platform. What does it mean? DAG is becoming one of the largest competitors to the traditional blockchain technology. They use this data structure to create a cryptocurrency infrastructure with no fixed blocks. Each transaction has its own proof of work. The specialists believe that DAG can help create a system that will work faster than Bitcoin.


CoalCoin: Technology meets tradition for the global coal industry

CoalCoin takes the third place among the most successful ICOs in June. This is the first blockchain system created especially for the global coal industry. The ICO taken in June raised $37.2 million compared to $37.85 million raised by Fantom. According to the CoalCoin official documents, they expect the global coal industry market to exceed $1 trillion. About 50 countries will mine coal commercially. CoalCoin (CIC) was designed as a decentralized and borderless coal mining payment system. It had to satisfy the needs of both the macro and micro coal mining economy. So, it must provide transparent transactions for everything: from huge international transactions to small local transactions.


As the USA did their best to limit the amount of the ICOs, the vast majority of ICO events are far from it. Europa and Asia are becoming the best places for cryptocurrencies investors.

Share your experience below if you’ve participated in these hot June ICOs.


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