Founder's Message

We at believe Asia is a forerunner in future FinTech development and should not be regarded as a second or third tier substandard.

We bond together to give a global platform to showcase talents from revolutionary Asian FinTech institutions.

We shine the spotlight on Asian FinTech development inclusive of Initial Coin Offerings & ICO industry service providers.

As the future of FinTech continues to grow, countries can no longer ignore the adoption of digital assets and we at look to provide the latest legal & regulatory information from leading FinTech countries.

Let us unify with force in a global push to advance FinTech innovation for Asia & beyond.

– Sam Choksi, CEO & Founder

Core Values

  • Integrity – Ethics, accountability, trust, trasparency & mutual respect in all our dealings are what we hold dear to our heart.
  • Respect – We value our clients, employees, partners and associates.
  • Teamwork – We collaborate to facilitate sustainable growth for Asia as a whole.
  • Innovation – Make a difference through creativity & delivering excellence.
  • Passion for Excellence – Relentless pursuit towards achieving better results every time through sets of measurable processes and practices.


Our vision is to unify startup professionals & additional end-users with providers of financial services and solutions in Asia, while promoting the use of innovative methods that transcend beyond traditional financial operations.


We are passionate about pushing for the utilization of financial and technological insight to ensure Asia sets the standard on a global scale for the development of FinTech.


While focusing on modern technology and financial regulations, we aim to facilitate the creation of value by encouraging the provision of cost-effective and innovative financial services that meet the unique needs and expectations of end-users.


We aim to inspire efficient services that are tailored to add flexibility, convenience and that cutting-edge smartness to the process of delivering financial services and making these services more accessible to the general public.

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