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Singapore’s ICOMain.io Agency Review by ICOHub.asia

The world of ICO is opening up and each day it is quite possible that we could come across dozens of new initial coin offers hitting the market. This is just the beginning and it is believed that in the next few years, thousands of new ICO offers will be in the market.

While this is great news, it is obvious that not all of them will be successful. Being successful requires some special traits and qualities.

To begin with, it is about hiring the right ICO Agency. With so many choices available, short listing the right ICO service provider could be a difficult task.

However, those who have had a closer look at ICOMain.io have reasons to believe that they could be the right choice for various types of advisory services. This encompasses the entire gamut of technology services, marketing services and listing services.

We have pleasure in having an impartial and factual ICO Agency Review for the benefit of our readers and others who have big dreams about the fascinating world of blockchain technology and other related matters.


Services Offered By ICOMain.io

Advisory Services

  • Pre-Engagement Advisory: Review and advise on ICO project ideas, concepts and business model.

ICO Advisory:

  • Business Planning:Review business industry and project ideas, conduct competitor analysis; review and advise on MVP and MVU;
  • ICO Project Management: Planning of ICO timeline, construction of legal framework and teams;
  • ICO & Token Economic Advisory: Advisory on token economics and token sale details such as utilization, supply, distribution, and use of proceeds.


  • Review of Legal Documents by External Legal Partner: Evaluation of token legal concepts, legal documents and landing page;
  • Drafting of Legal Documents by External Legal Partner: Drafting of “Terms of Use,” “Privacy Policy,” etc;
  • Legal Coordination Service: Introduction of relevant legal firms and drafting of necessary documents.


  • Whitepaper Advisory:Provision of guidelines and content structuring for a professional whitepaper;
  • Whitepaper Drafting: Provide drafting services based on information collected.

Technology Services

  • IT Project Management: Quality control for project developments to ensure progress within predetermined timelines.
  • Smart contract:
    • Smart Contract Development: Smart contract design and coding based on the requirements provided;
    • ERC20 Standard: Development of Ethereum token standard used for smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • ICO Contribution CRM:A CRM system for ICO token contributor registration, KYC, Whitelisting with a n-tier referral management program.
  • Security Audit:
      • Smart Contract Audit: Investigation of designed codes to discover any vulnerabilities before they are deployed;
      • System Security Audit: Investigation of website, email database and CRM to mitigate security breaches;
      • Security Monitoring: Closely monitor landing site and CRM Security during ICO to prevent hacking.

Marketing Services

  • Targeted Media Outreach:
    • Engagement Monitoring: Monitoring of relevant marketing data (news, social media, etc) to measure volume and quality of overall market engagement;
    • Journalist Network Outreach: Distribution of press releases to a global network of journalists according to a predefined media calendar;
    • Social Media KOL Outreach: Engagement with Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) for conceptualization and writing of marketing material.
  • Token Sale Website:
    • Web Content:Ideation and content creation for the landing site;
    • Web Design: Design and development of an intuitive landing site with a countdown function.
  • Digital/Print Marketing Services:
    • Press Release Content Creation: Writing and editing of articles followed by distribution to relevant media channels.
    • Banner Ads: Designing of banner ads and assistance in purchase of banner spaces;
    • Social Media: Management, moderation and running of various community channels by a dedicated team;
    • Promotional Videos: Creation of 3-minute full-length promotional videos;
    • Bounty Program Creation: Creation of various bounty rewards programs;
    • Feature Story Development: Creating and pitching of feature stories to publications;
    • Display Network Marketing: Analysis and fine-tuning of keywords, creatives and campaigns for result optimization.
  • Communications:
    • Crisis Communication: Damage control strategy including media engagement tips and time-sensitive interview preparation;
    • Training: Interview training for your project executives, including mock interviews and preparation of briefs;
    • Event Management: Supplier management, sponsorship coordination and more during token sale event.
  • Post-ICO service: Manage and maintain all the social media channels for post-ICO.
  • Listing Services
    • GBX Token Sale Listing: Full review of ICO project details and prerequisite compliance to achieve listing on the GBX Grid, a trusted token launch centre;
    • GBX Sponsor Firm Services: Assessment of token sale standards with proper direction to warrant sponsorship by ICOMain.io, a GBX sponsor firm;
    • Token Listing on GBX Exchange: Professional advice on maintaining adherence towards stringent token standards to attain qualification as a listed token on GBX;
    • Token Listing on Other Exchanges: Identification of alternative trusted exchanges paired with necessary guidance for token listing admission.

Who Could Benefit From Them

ICOMain.io is a member of the prestigious Broctogon FinTech Group, a conglomerate with core competencies in 360° fintech solutions as well as corporate consulting services for brokers and FinTech related businesses. Founded in 2009, it has been familiar with one-stop service for coming along almost 10 years. Hence you can trust ICOMain.io for the best of financial, consultancy and technology solutions.

The best thing about ICOMain.io is that they have different readymade packages to suit different needs and requirements of their clients. Hence you could get in touch with them if you have a business concept which you believe is good. You could choose packages which could help in evaluating such business ideas and also get specialized advice as far as legal, marketing and token advices are concerned.

You also could have a look at their other kits for the purpose of performing a token sale, having an existing token listed on the right exchange, and also get sponsors for your business idea. They also could come in handy if you wish to move your existing business model to the next higher level. Their expertise in CRM and other such services are worth mention here.

You could also take the professional help of ICOMain.io if you have special marketing campaigns and would like to execute them professionally and efficiently. Hence there is no denying the fact that they have a full suite of tailor-made products to cater to specific needs and requirements of their clients. They are often considered as a complete and total service provider for all matters and issues related to ICOs.

The Team

Any organization is as good as the team which runs it. ICOMain.io has a wonderful team which has a wealth of experience as far as innovation and excellence in the field of financial technology. They have a team which is professional and geared for success. It has an Executive Team of Don Guo. He is the Founder ably supported by a team of CEO, CTO and CCO.

They also boast of a wonderful Technology Team having a mix of high quality cloud specialist, software developer, product manager, and a host of others taking care of risk management, back office, brokerage operations, and dealing operations.

Finally, ICOMain.io also has a superb team of marketing professionals led by Jeffrey Lee as the Head of the Campaign Management. He is well supported by an experienced and qualified team of content marketing head, strategic marketing head, and others. Finally, they also have the best of legal and advisory team having six highly qualified and very capable ICO advisors.


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