Egogohub expands to Indonesia


Egogohub which is the ecommerce enabler from Hong Kong opens a branch in Indonesia. The company provides end-to-end solutions to local merchants and ecommerce businesses. The Egogohub top management is represented by the chief executive Kevin who considers Indonesia as one of the greatest place to grow the ecommerce business.

In this country, people always spend a lot of time online and actively using search engines to buy things and services as well as entertain themselves. He also noticed that the companies making the traditional business still lack the structure, technology, resources, and talent. It does not let them transform data into useful information.


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Egogohub Indonesia

The company offers a wide range of services: digital marketing, direct marketing, SEO, SMM services, website design, pay-per-click, email marketing, digital design, traffic management, as well as customer relationship management. In addition, they provide a lot of services for fulfillment and warehouses.

Benny Tanadi, the president director of Egogohub Indonesia, said that the company will be using the Growth Hacking method to help customers to keep growing and developing. For example, they will instill ideas in all the employees to help them be creative and attract new opportunities to develop the execution and strategy.


The partners

Among Egogohub partners are companies such as, Bukalapak,, Tokopedia, Shopee and etc. Other partners include social media platforms, marketing diffusion, and sales conversion channels. To maintain the user relations they offer customer service programs and help to support the online business.

Egogohub started in 2017. Now the company works in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Indonesia. They also support the companies who want to enter the Indonesian market. By 2019, they plan to expand their network to Vietnam.


The global market

At the moment, the company has acquired 7 brands and will add other 5 very soon. The company staff counts more than 50 specialists. The platform offers services to clients such as Nakamichi, Soul, KateSpade, Philips, Ted Baker, PetCube, Sinomax, Tumi, and others. They all relate to such fields as fashion, IT, electronic devices, home services, and many more.

The president director of Egogohub Indonesia could not disclose the funding source details. Instead, Benny Tanadi promised that they will create awareness via their partners.


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